Wednesday, 1 June 2011

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Led Zeppelin - 'Stairway to heaven'

Stairway to heaven is a song created by well known british band Led Zeppelin. It was first played on the radio in 1971. The song is considered one of the '500 greatest songs of all time' in the Rolling Stone magazine. Written and composed by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page it was one of the most popular song in the 70's.

This song generated a lot of interest because of unusual lyrics and sound. It is not trivial but metaphorical and hard to understand without much thought. 
At first Plant is singing about the vain woman that thinks everything can by bought with the help of money, even a place in heaven. Then the author tries to show us how wrong she is, that at the end of life everybody is equal. The world is much more complicated and in your life way you might encounter many difficulties but there isn't any golden mean. The song shows us the importance of choice, which  is always on our side. It explores people's loneliness and quest for truth. It also suggests to rely on ourselves, to be full of hope. We just have to understand our surroundings and live our lives.  

With a melodramatic tone and quirky lyrics the authors take us to the imaginary world and show hidden values. That's why this song is special and considered one of the best.

Monday, 30 May 2011

'Sabrina' - 1954

Sabrina, directed by Billy Wilder, is film which shows that sometimes our dreams might come true, even if we are "trying to reach the moon". 

Audrey Hepburn (Sabrina) is a young, bony, naughty daughter of a chauffeur. They both live and work for a very prosperous  and posh family that have a big property next to NYC. The girl that always keeps her head up in clouds is in love with one of the family's brothers, a true heartbreaker that had already been married three times. Unfortunately he doesn't even know about her existence so mired in desperation the girl tries to commit suicide. After a failed attempt her father decides to send her to Paris to cookery school which is supposed to keep her mind away from painful love.
Sabrina changes during her course and comes back to her father as a new, more stylish and elegant person. At first David, Sabrina's  'ex' love, doesn't really recognize her and is enchanted by her new look. He quickly becomes attracted to her and despite being engaged he decides to break off the engagement and start a new life with the girl. But an unfortunate accident makes him unable to keep her company or take her for dates. As a favor he asks his brother to take care of Sabrina, which eventually  has bad effects. Because despite getting rid of her second brother is actually falling in love with her. Question is which one will she choose?! 

This film is definitely for people that are keen on old black-white movies. Even if the main character's features are a bit annoying and start to appear as silly, the film is worthy of recommendation because it takes you to an old time and gives you an opportunity to have a moment to relax and sometimes even to make you smile. 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Exhortations to save the earth

This was one of the best speeches that I've seen so far on TED. This woman puts lots of feeling into her talk and everything that she says is very real and recent. She considers the idea of today's life, in which human beings are creatures that are losing themselves and their senses, hiding behind new technology. Everything is changing, inevitably, but it need not be for the worse. People have stopped caring about surroundings, looking only at their own future. The speaker urges people to start to cooperate with each other. She believes that we were originally created to go through life not alone but with a companion because this is who we are. We are able to make great things but only with a second person. She is trying to show us our wrong paths and suggest that we should start to seek wisdom in elders because they are the last generation that are still acting rightly. 
We can mostly learn from this speech that we should find the golden mean between heart and head. We should rely more on our senses and try to trust people because we are made to exist together.

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